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Free estimates and/or budgets. Will be on-site within 24 hours of your request for an estimate.

Estimates and budgets will be done by either Mark, Kevin or Brad Hall, having over 60 years of combined work experience for every aspect of Industrial / Commercial Construction from $1,000 to $20,000,000

Zero Frequency Accident Award

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Have you ever been involved in the construction of a new building or alterations to an existing structure? If you have, you will know the procedure of obtaining building permits, site plan approval, rezoning, dealing with sub trades, etc., can be a very time consuming and frustrating experience.

Hall Construction Inc. realizes this problem and we are able to assist our customers from the initial planning stages until the actual completion by sharing the knowledge gained from our over 64 years of experience in the construction industry as Design/Build contractors.

Design/Build is a system of project delivery whereby the Owner/Client executes one contract with one company (Hall Construction Inc.) for the delivery of both design (architecture and engineering) and construction. Hall Construction Inc. has the capabilities to perform both design and construction of the project.

Our professional staff are able to provide accurate budgets before any plans are finalized, assist the client in obtaining site plan approval, building permits, and all other legal work required in liaisons with the municipality, saving our Owners/Clients valuable time and frustration.

We are also able to provide complete engineered building plans and act as Construction Manager until the project is completed.

The actual construction of buildings can be performed either on a Management, Fixed Sum, or Turnkey (Design/Build) Basis. Regardless which alternative is used, you will receive the benefit of our over 64 years of experience in purchasing and coordinating all sub trades involved in the many stages of construction to deliver to you a first class building at an economical price.

Benefits of Design/Build
- The Owner/Client enjoys only having to deal with one contract with a single firm instead of many. Also, the Owner/Client does not have to be concerned with disagreements between the designer and the contractor over responsibility for specific aspects of the project. The somewhat adversarial relationship, which may arise between the architect and contractor, can cause problems if one is attempting to build a project under a tight schedule. Change Orders and conflicts slow down the process and can delay the completion of the project.

- There is greater participation by the contractor during the design process, potentially resulting in a more cost-effective and constructible design without compromise to quality.

- Communications between the design and construction personnel are facilitated, resulting in a shorter construction period, and a better translation of design concept to construction reality.

- Design/Build projects usually contain project costs within a price cap, so Owners/Clients know beforehand what is the most they will be paying. As well, Design/Build projects usually have a fixed schedule, which is more reassuring to an Owner/Client than open-ended construction timetables.

10 Advantages From the Owner/Client's Perspective
1) Single-point responsibility (one contract);
2) Early design decisions reduces uncertainty;
3) Benefits from positive team approach;
4) Accelerated design and construction schedule (Fast Track), makes early occupancy possible;
5) Early knowledge of project price;
6) Early construction input in the design;
7) Reduced risk, as Design/Builder assumes responsibility for design documents;
8) Client is not liable for issues disputed between architect and contractor;
9) Design/Builder assumes responsibility for our project delivery;
10) Greater Owner/Client satisfaction.

Why Choose Design/Build Over the Traditional Method?
The Design/Build method of construction is recognized as the best and most efficient way for an Owner/Client to build. Hall Construction Inc. has been constructing Design/Build projects since 1950, gaining knowledge and experience in this field, which is a key element in this method.

Using the Design/Build method the Owner/Client is able to place the responsibility for the project's success under a single contract with Hall Construction Inc. The traditional competitive-bidding process tends to put building owners, design professionals, and developers against contractors. With Design/Build the Owner/Client becomes a member of the Design/Build team and works with Hall Construction Inc. to develop the projects specifications and design.

The major advantages that the Design/Build method offers over the traditional method are:
a) Experience is working for the Owner/Client at the initial project development,
b) Single source responsibility (one contract with one firm),
c) Guaranteed total costs before construction begins,
d) Faster design and start of construction,
e) Greater flexibility for changes because of direct communication.

Click the thumbnail on right to view a graph that shows the advantages of the Design/Build method over the Traditional method.


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